Prepping for Change Group

Group focuses on processing internal and external stressors preventing employment or further education. Group uses the Stages of Change and action planning to facilitate confidence and reduce hesitations. Facilitators should understand all individuals are capable of work and furthering education.

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Vocational Empowerment

Group focuses on developing and practicing coping skills to productively deal with stressors and ambivalence related to re-entering the workforce.  Facilitators utilize interventions like resume outlining and discussion, mock interviewing, open group discussions, and psychoeducational activities to increase awareness and insight. 

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Business Team

Adapting to Change

Group focuses on obtaining hands on experience for the technological skills needed to effectively obtain meaningful and fulfilling careers and educational opportunities. Groups utilize mobile computer labs to construct effective resumes, cover letters, and other self-promotional resources. Group will learn to market skills and reduce barriers to employment. 

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Call Center

Hands On Work Unit

Group focuses on providing clients with a safe and controlled environment to practice skills learned in groups. Clients receive support services to strengthen accountability, autonomy, professionalism, task orientation, and efficiencies. Clients will have a structured forum to discuss significant events and emotions. 

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